Hiveworks Comics
Posted March 23, 2016 at 03:54 pm

Finally, Finally , FINALLY!!! My most sincere apologizes for all of you; but despite all the way the whole UNIVERSE was trying to prevent to finish this page ( including the finished file getting corrupted and having to start from scratch, staring new studies, job hunting, etc...).

Again apologizes for making you all wait, here's a preview of the next page! 


Also in other news we opened a Patreon 

You could find early sketches and concepts from present and future characters! check it out, every bit of support means alot to us!

And on a final note, I wanted to ask all of you if you think Monday is a good day to update? please go to my tumblr and tell me your opinions, and also if you have another questions like from the story or characters ( of course we can't give you spoilers haha)

Tags: Leonard, Silas