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Jennifer Perez


Nobody knows where Jennifer’s (a.k.a. Jengoci) madness comes from. Some say that deep ones or some other eldritch abomination sang lullabies to her while she was still in the craddle (the fact that she was born on the coastal city of Cartagena, Colombia, makes this probable). Others say that she was abducted by vampiric alien werewolves when she was a little girl growing up in Bogota.  Whatever happened something opened Jennifer’s mind and showed her a maddening (and colorful!) vision of the universe (universes?). Since childhood, she has always enjoyed playing god, creating little creepy/ cute creatures for her to experiment on (or torture) in the name of science, or as she calls it, “my art”. Now that she has connected her brain to the world wide web, she has reached an unprecedented level of power and is ready to share her beautiful nightmares to the whole world.


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LF Garcia


LF García was born from a radioactive egg found by an unsuspecting human couple in Cartago, Colombia. There, he grew up feeding on a steady diet of electromagnetic radiation (emanating from tv sets), oil derived polymers (from action figures) and processed cellulose (from comicbooks). But the town proved to be too small for his gigantic size and appetite so he had to move to Colombia’s largest city: Bogota. Eating without restraint, LF was about to blow up (probably destroying half the planet in the process) until he was found by mad scientist Jengoci, who helped him to release his excess energy in the form of the electronic allucinations you are now contemplating.